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About Us

Our Background : Greg & Deborah Collard

Deborah has always had a love for the paranormal and all the history it involves, so naturally she enjoys haunted adventures and then telling the stories that come from those experiences.  Greg comes from a family of Artists so without a second thought brings that talent through his eyes with amazing perspectives  through photography and other Art.  Greg & Deborah flow easily into each others crafts to make each piece whether it be a book, a picture, a painting, a piece of jewelry or a simple candle into a part of their togetherness to share with you.,

Our Mediums

Deborah can take notes on a haunting while Greg is meandering around making photos.  On inside days we pull out an easel or the craft box to create something that is in our minds eye using any tools readily available.

Our Inspiration

Anything that God blesses us to be able to hear, see, feel or enjoy is what inspires us.  Family is right at the top of the list. Not so far down the list are strangers that we meet daily in our outings.  Keep your mind and heart open.....you never know where your next work of Art will come from.